The castle ends


Continuing Golden Lane…

We are now inside and upstairs on Golden Lane.  Smelly, no air, and a fantastic museum in the rooms.  Old cavalry items, armour, bows, guns, and items showing the way of life back then.  What a horrible place to live:  cramped rooms, tiny tiny windows–slits really because the rooms on the right are built right up to the castle walls. 

However, they were very modern in some ways:clip_image001[5]

Say no more……at least this room is ventilated!  Ha, ha.

This site, if you care to look, actually tells about Golden Lane and is interesting:

We are now at the back gate and having seen the three things we paid for, and having spent all afternoon doing so, we are now going to walk down the steps to Mala Strana again.


A lovely view of Prague…



And a romantic steeple in a garden below….clip_image001[19]



A part of the OLD castle walls…I would so love to have lived in one of these red tiled buildings and gone to fancy balls! 


The backside of the 17th century Wallenstein Palace below the castle…It is styled in Italian Baroque.  I have a book that shows the insides….with walls and ceilings of beautiful frescoes, inside fountains, an aviary, all the things the rich like!



Garden below the castle vineyards. (You can see the terraced vineyard in background).




Next is a picture that people from Portland, Oregon will enjoy!


Does this not look like the Pittock Mansion and the Williamette in the background?  So does that make Prague and Portland sister cities?  Good idea, I think!



We are down from the castle now and had to convince our tired feet to see one more place in this neighborhood:  the Church of Our Lady Victorious!  It was a wonderful surprise for me.


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