More Chapels


clip_image001[6]      clip_image001[8]

Blurry organ…this must really echo among the pillars and space!  I bet a concert in here would be fantastic!

St. John of Nepomuk Chapel:  John of Nepomuk, 14th century is a national saint of the Czech Republic, who was drowned in the Vltava river (thrown off The Charles Bridge) at the behest of Wenceslaus, King of the Romans and King of Bohemia.  (A later King Wenceslaus, not the Good King! )  The reason for his drowning is not known for certain.  He was the Confessor of the King’s wife.  The King, her husband, thought she had a lover, or was having an affair, and that St. John would know about it since he heard her confessions. But St. John said he could not tell, as priest’s are not suppose to do.  Therefore, King Wenceslas had him killed!  The other motive is political, and difficult to retell.  At any rate, life was certainly dangerous and full of intrigue in those days.


Close-ups of St John of Nepomuk’s coffin.  Looks like a gigantic tea service!  Ha, ha! 

My my, is that dust–or age?

(Nepomuk was born in Bohemia in the town of Pomuk – reason for strange name).clip_image001[16]


St. John of Nepomuk chapel incense burners — are they called thuribles?. 




The window in his chapel was quite different than the rest.  The entire chapel was so ornate it almost made you choke!  Or maybe we had seen so much, we were now on "overload"!  Time to go…

Now we are leaving the church, but not the castle . . .


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