Hello world!

This blog is a photo journal of our visit to Prague in December 2008.  It has been compiled from emails that Karin composed for family and friends at the time.  Please ignore the posting dates.

We flew from Athens to Prague by way of Budapest and arrived late in the evening.   A taxi was waiting for us; pre-arranged by the people we rented an apartment from.   The ride in was interesting because he went very slow…and showed us some sites.  Because it was dark, it was hard to see the layout of the land…looked like we were driving through lots of college campus’.  Which were actually Communist Block Apartments!  Quite drab and rundown when seen in daylight. These are in suburbs. 

Our apartment is in the popular neighborhood called Vinohrady and very near all the action in the middle of the city.  It is a very nice area (in ancient days use to be a vineyard for the castle) and reminded us of the old inner city area we lived in N.W. Portland, Oregon.  At times when walking around we felt we were actually in Portland.  Except the churches near us (lots and lots of Catholic churches) are HUGE.  St. Ludmila was only 2 blocks away as well as the Metro entrance to go into the city.  We went to a concert one evening inside St. Ludmila.  Cold inside, but they had heat under the seats!  (Our bums nearly burned off, no kidding!)  Inside was beyond description in gold, carved wood and gilded/painted saints and art, etc.

Now on to the photos . . .



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